How do I get the combined licence?


If you are a medium-sized or large company, public institution or organisation (with more than 100 employees or civil servants in FTE at group level in Belgium), you can enter into a group agreement with us. This agreement regulates in a very easy way the combined licence for all group entities on Belgian territory. These entities then no longer need to make an individual portal declaration to Reprobel for the duration of the agreement. The invoicing can be done centrally or per entity, with or without PO. For a group agreement for companies or non-profit organisations, send an e-mail to For a group agreement for public entities, send an email to Agreements govern the current reference year but can also govern previous reference years if necessary.


If you are self-employed, a liberal professional, or a smaller company, public institution or organisation, we will write to you in the first quarter of each calendar year for your annual declaration to Reprobel for the reference year of the ‘calendar year – 1’. On the portal, you choose the ‘combined licence’. You will immediately receive your invoice and can also pay it online if you wish.

On the portal, you can also opt for a reprography declaration for photocopies of protected works, but then you do not receive any additional digital licence coverage through Reprobel. The difference between both options (combined licence or reprography declaration) is clearly explained here. Before making your declaration to Reprobel, it is advisable to read this explanation of the difference between the two options thoroughly. After all, your choice between the two options is free, but not without obligation. Reprobel can verify and, if necessary, contest your declaration. Incorrect or incomplete declarations, or established copyright infringements, can lead to sanctions.

If you have questions about your annual declaration to Reprobel, you can simply send us an e-mail. Due to the large number of companies and institutions we write to, it may take several weeks before you receive a response from us. As long as you have not received this reply, you obviously do not need to take any further action. :

For problems with your login: login@reprobel.beĀ 

For other technical questions about your declaration:

For substantive questions about the combined licence for businesses:

For substantive questions about the combined licence for public institutions:

For substansive questions about the limited reprography declaration:

In some cases, the combined licence fee is paid centrally by another company (or institution/organisation) in your group, or by your sector organisation or professional association. Reprobel has concluded hundreds of group agreements with large companies, institutions and organisations in all sectors, and dozens of sector agreements with centralised payment. In that case, Reprobel will normally no longer write to you individually. If this does happen by mistake, just send an email to, and we will gladly set this straight for you.


Reprobel has also concluded dozens of sector agreements with a sector code and an attractive discount on the rates for the combined licence. In that case, your sector organisation provides you with the specific sector code for your sector for a certain reference year. With such a sector code, however, you still have to make your portal declaration to Reprobel yourself. You simply select the combined licence on the portal and then enter the sector code. The discount is automatically settled on your invoice for the licence.

An overview of Reprobel’s sector agreements can be found right below.

Sector agreements

* centralised payment

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