Facts & figures

Reprobel’s combined licence is one of the most extensive in Europe.

The licence is made for working from home and digitisation.

The licence is all you can eat within the licence limits and the Reprobel repertoire

The licence covers most forms of digital use and also paper reproductions of copyrighted texts and images

The licence also includes your legally required reprography declaration to Reprobel for your photocopies of protected work

More than 50,000 Belgian companies, self-employed, public institutions and organisations already have the combined licence

Almost complete market coverage among large companies and institutions through group agreements

Fair licence rates adapted to your sector and workforce, verified in advance by the Ministry of Economy – also for the self-employed without staff and for companies with fewer than five employees

More than 50 framework agreements with sector organisations (with central payment or a promo code), in virtually all sectors. You can find these framework agreements at the bottom of the homepage of this website.

More than 60,000 Belgian authors in all genres, and more than 400 Belgian publishing houses, from large to small, through Reprobel’s 15 member-management companies

Nearly worldwide foreign repertoire through more than 40 international partnerships

More than EUR 26 million paid out to rights holders in financial year 2021

More than EUR 437 million paid out to rights holders since the start of Reprobel

Made in Belgium – 90% of the remunerations go to Belgian authors and publishers

Reprobel administration costs (legal ratio: 7.28%) well below legal limit of 15%

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