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Reprobel is a cooperative society (CV) for the collective management of the legal remuneration rights and some exclusive copyrights of Belgian authors and publishers. It is a central management company, licensed by the Minister of Economy, for the protected text and image works in its national and international repertoire, such as professional literature, scientific and educational works, fiction and non-fiction, children’s books, comics, poetry, quotes, press articles, photographs, illustrations, cartoons and lyrics.

Through its 15 member management companies, Reprobel ensures that authors and publishers receive a fair remuneration for the use of their protected works by professional users in the private and public sector and in the educational and research sector, including in the digital world. Reprobel also collects the remunerations for the public lending right (public libraries). Reprobel has been appointed by the competent Minister as the centrally collecting management company for a number of ‘legal licences’ (reprography, education/research, public lending right). For digital use and prints of protected works in the private and public sector (combined licence), Reprobel acts on the basis of a mandate from its Belgian member management companies and from the foreign management companies with which it has concluded a representation agreement.

Since the beginning of its activities, Reprobel has already distributed more than EUR 437 million to rights holders. 90% of the distributed remunerations go to Belgian authors and publishers.

The licence fees of Reprobel and the way in which it collects, manages and distributes the remunerations are actively monitored the Control unit for collecting societies at the Ministry of Economy.

Read our annual report here. 

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