A complaint about Reprobel?

If you have a complaint about the functioning or actions of Reprobel, you can file it in two ways:

  • Either by letter to the registered office of Reprobel (Havenlaan 86C – 201 A, 1000 Brussels)
  • Or by mail to the mail address: complaints@reprobel.be.

You address your complaint to the general manager of Reprobel.

Reprobel only handles written complaints. Reprobel does not respond to oral or anonymous complaints.

You can submit a complaint to Reprobel both when you are entitled to remuneration (as a rights-holder) and when you have to pay a remuneration or are invited to make a declaration to Reprobel (as a professional user).

If you are a legal entity, the complaint must be signed by someone who can represent you in court. In this case, it is also useful to mention a contact person or an account manager.

Your complaint must also include your identity, your capacity, your address/head office, your telephone number/mail address and the details of your organisation (such as legal form, company number and VAT number).

Accurately describe your complaint and the underlying facts. It is preferable to enclose all useful documents with your complaint. Reprobel may ask you for additional information or documents. It will only do so if it is necessary to investigate the complaint. If you wish or if Reprobel finds this useful, you can also be heard.

Reprobel will send you a confirmation of receipt of the complaint within five working days after its receipt. In that confirmation, Reprobel will inform you by when you will receive an answer to your complaint.

Reprobel will make every effort to reply to you within one month after the submission of the complaint. In exceptional cases, this response period can be extended by a maximum of one month. In this case, Reprobel will indicate why the period has been extended.

Reprobel will answer your complaint via the same means of communication with which you have submitted the complaint.

Reprobel guarantees that your complaint will be dealt with quickly and efficiently and that you will receive a clear and pertinent response. Of course this does not mean that Reprobel always has to declare your complaint well-founded, but that Reprobel handles it correctly.

If Reprobel rejects your complaint (or parts of it), it will motivate why it does so.

The legal provisions on the complaints procedure can be found in Article XI.273/1 WER.

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