10 advantages of the combined licence


1Copyright neatly arranged, with just a few clicks

You no longer need to negotiate individual licences with authors and publishers for everything covered by the combined licence (most forms of digital use and also paper reproductions of externally protected texts and images in Reprobel’s repertoire). You take up this licence online on our declaration portal, and that in less than 10 minutes.


2An almost worldwide repertoire of Belgian and foreign source works

Through its 15 member management companies, Reprobel represents more than 60,000 Belgian authors of texts and images, and more than 400 Belgian publishers, from large to small. In other words, all the Belgian source works you need professionally. The combined licence also covers an almost worldwide repertoire of foreign texts and images. Because as an entrepreneur or institution, your world is not limited to what is right on your doorstep.


3One of the most extensive digital licences in Europe

Reprobel’s combined licence not only covers your paper reproductions of externally protected texts and images (photocopies and prints), but also digital copies and quotations, digital internal communication, digital external communication (1-to-1 & 1-to-few), digital archiving, internal presentations and scans of such works. For all actions for which no individual licence is available on the market. Technology-neutral.


4All you can eat.

Within the licence limits, you may use external copyright-protected texts and images in the Reprobel repertoire without limitation. So you do not pay per individual transaction but you pay a flat fee for the entire package, which you can then use according to your professional needs.


5No risk of inspections, infringements and penalties

With the combined licence, you avoid checks by Reprobel for all uses within the licence limits. You also run no risk of being sued by the rights holders or Reprobel for copyright infringements. The penalty for infringements is usually a much higher amount than the normal licence fee.


6Attractive and fair licence fees.

You pay a fixed and fair annual licence fee, checked beforehand by the Ministry of Economy. Adapted to your sector and your workforce. Perfectly budgetable, and without the hassle of counter readings.


7Only pay for relevant employees.

All your employees are of course covered by our licence coverage. But you only pay (if you have more than 5 FTE’s) for your relevant employees. These are basically your employees on your own payroll (in FTE’s). Workers (blue-collar) are exempt from payment.


8Your reprography declaration is included.

If you take up the combined licence, you are also compliant with your legally required annual reprography declaration to reprobel for your photocopies of protected work.



9Fair P(l)ay.

The remuneration that you pay to reprobel is not a tax or duty. All remunerations go to the authors and publishers so they can continue to create, inform, innovate and invest and you can continue to enjoy a wide range of quality source works.



10Made in Belgium.

90% of the fees go to Belgian authors and publishers. So the combined licence is very much Made in Belgium.

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