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Reprobel’s Combined licence – the simple copyright licence for the digital world

More than 50,000 Belgian companies, self-employed people, liberal professionals, non-profit organisations and public institutions opt for Reprobel’s ‘combined licence’. Read on, and you will immediately understand why.

In today’s digital world, it is very easy to reuse copyright-protected texts and images found on the internet within your company or institution. Some examples. Cutting and pasting copyrighted texts and images. Saving an interesting article from the internet on a smartphone, tablet, computer or server. Sharing this article digitally with colleagues or with a consultant outside the company. A Teams or Zoom meeting showing external, protected texts and images. Incorporating a protected photo from Google or Bing into a PowerPoint presentation. Quickly printing off that interesting report for the train ride. Sharing cartoons or quotes in a professional context.


10 advantages of the combined licence


1Copyright neatly arranged, with just a few clicks


2An almost worldwide repertoire of Belgian and foreign source works


3One of the most extensive digital licences in Europe


4All you can eat.


5No risk of inspections, infringements and penalties


6Attractive and fair licence fees.


7Only pay for relevant employees.


8Your reprography declaration is included.


9Fair P(l)ay.


10Made in Belgium.


Facts & figures:

Reprobel’s combined licence is one of the most extensive in Europe.

The licence is made for working from home and digitisation.

The licence is all you can eat within the licence limits and the Reprobel repertoire

The licence covers most forms of digital use and also paper reproductions of copyrighted texts and images

The licence also includes your legally required reprography declaration to Reprobel for your photocopies of protected work

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Tips & tricks

As a company, self-employed person, liberal professional, public institution or non-profit organisation, you want to avoid copyright infringements in the digital world to a maximum. So, make sure to read these handy tips & tricks:

Take out Reprobel’s combined licence, just like more than 50,000 other companies, organisations and institutions. You do this particularly if your organisation digitally copies, stores, copies, scans or prints external copyright-protected texts and images, or digitally shares/distributes/communicates or (internally) presents these works (internally or externally), and you have not concluded complete and conclusive individual licences for this. You should check this carefully for each employee in your organisation

Take out an additional licence for all external copyrighted texts and images for which an individual licence is offered (structural use of press articles via License2Publish of Copiepresse, digital press reviews, databases, photo databases, e-books, etc.)

Take out an additional licence for external copyright-protected texts or images on your public website, on social media and in external presentations (e.g. conferences). This is not included in Reprobel’s Combined Licence.

Take out an additional licence for scores / sheet music through SEMU – lyrics are covered by the Reprobel combined licence.

Always read licensing conditions for digital source works very carefully

Contact the rights holder(s) in advance before using external copyrighted texts and images (or parts thereof) in your 1-to-many external communications such as digital newsletters, and also for advertising or promotional campaigns. This is not included in Reprobel’s combined licence.

For foreign protected texts and images, check whether the relevant country is covered by the coverage of the combined licence

Always mention the source (title publication, author(s), publisher, year or edition, URL, …)

Use of books no more than 10% of the total number of pages, and no more than one chapter

Other than that, you can rest easy – with Reprobel’s Combined Licence you are completely safe within the licence limits and the extensive Reprobel repertoire! And should there be any problems with rights holders nonetheless, we will actively intervene on your behalf and we will find a practical solution.


Who handles your case


Jean-Paul Langhoor-Beita


Kurt Van Damme

(Head of Licensing, Legal & International)

Frieda Legein

(Senior Advisor to the CEO, Public Sector)

Aymée Leonard

(Sales Manager Private Sector)
Foto - Yente Lodewijks-3 (002)

Yente Lodewijks

(Key Account Manager Private sector)

Jari Van den Bossche

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